Vision of Lions in Suits (LNS) 


The forthcoming compilation album Lions in Suits has a goal of communicating the heart of RMM and, more specifically, a literal explanation of our logo and brand.   

Following along the thought of John 1:14, Christ injects Himself into our culture full of grace (invitation) and truth (challenge).  All people were invited into His presence and would be challenged to “repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:14).  Jesus lived in both dynamics fully in all of the things He said and did.   

Addressing a wide array of topics such as the music industry, fatherlessness, church, marriage, and more, LNS attempts to effectively and artistically share from a biblical worldview the grace and truth of Jesus using good hip hop.  Because of its unique production, lyrical presentation, forthcoming visual campaign, and other factors, we believe LNS will be a great offering to the culture for believers in Christ looking for grace and truth through hip hop/good music and general lovers of hip hop/good music looking for a better message. 



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